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Dr. Chad Sato
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Dr. Chad Sato 


Dr. Chad Sato graduated Cum Laude from Iolani School, received a BS in biology from UCLA and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Life Chiropractic College of West in December 1998.  Dr. Sato founded Aloha Chiropractic in Manoa in October 1999.

The principle of Chiropractic is to help each person tap into their innate intelligence, access their own healing energy and facilitate their healing process.  Chad realized early in his Chiropractic training that he could have a profound effect on people's lives by teaching them to reconnect with their bodies and trust their own healing.   Chad found that diverse symptoms such as headaches, allergies, cancer, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue were successfully treated and resolved not by focusing on each symptom individually, but by working with the person as a "whole" and helping them find their own solution to their health condition.

Chad was introduced to Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) in the final year of his Chiropractic internship and received NSA care himself to gain a personal experience and understanding of the work.  His life changed in so many positive ways that he wanted to give the gift he received to his practice members.  NSA has provided an incredible vehicle to help those who are searching for a greater sense of wholeness and wellbeing.

Chad sees himself as a "Life Facilitator".  His main goal is to empower each and every practice member to trust themselves and live life in the present without  the past influences.   He does not want to be holder of the "Truth" but wants to help each person find their own truths in their life healing process.

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