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Level One 

Why Levels

Levels of Care promote safety and gentle, permanent healing.  Our goal is to re-train your body to use and release tension as it arises.  The Levels of Care take a gentle progression starting with creating an awareness of the body and leading to opening the heart.

Level 1 Care: Safety

"As the mind can heal the body, the body can heal the mind"

For most people it takes years of stress to reach the point of discomfort to seek care.   Layers of stress build up until we no longer feel safe to just be, to relax in our bodies. 

Level 1 focuses on re-connecting the body and mind.  We work with breath and moving the breath through the body to release stored tension and help dissipate tension as it arises.  We gain a better awareness of our daily experiences in our bodies and start to feel more comfortable in our bodies.

Through the course of Level 1 care you should notice a dramatic decrease in physical symptoms and an overall lessening of stress levels.

In Level 1 Care you may experience:

  • Changes in your breathing both during and between visits
  • Changes in posture
  • Both increase and decreases in discomfort and ease
  • Changes in spinal musculature
  • A greater awareness of the body's natural rhythms and tendencies

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