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Level Three 

Why Levels?

Levels of Care promote safety and gentle, permanent healing.  Our goal is to re-train your body to use and release tension as it arises.  The Levels of Care take a gentle progression starting with creating an awareness of the body and leading to opening the heart.

Level 3 Care: Empowerment and Openness

"As we open our hearts, we live life in the Present with freedom and expansion."

In Level 1, we create and experience safety within our bodies.  In Level 2 we become fully present in the moment with our bodies by clearing out past traumas and experiences.  In Level 3 we learn to realize that our bodies and mind are one which enables us to self-adjust and experience life truly in the present.

Level 3 seeks to teach us to trust our body's processes.  As we gain a greater sense of the distinct rhythms of our bodies, our symptoms do not own us anymore - we own our symptoms.  We truly gain confidence in our body's strategies to unwind and build up tension at any time.  This deeper connection to our body helps us understand our body's messages so that we may respond appropriately.  As we become empowered, expansion and growth occurs which allows the practice member to live life presently and not in "defense."  We experience life in a whole new way, following our intuitive sense and receiving and giving grace through our hearts.

In Level 3 Care you may experience:

  • Naturally occurring spontaneous spinal and extremity "unwinding" movements during and between adjustments
  • Spontaneous movements occur without conscious thought and can alleviate spinal and life stress accumulation
  • The body may at times will create movements that actually will increase spinal stress and tension, culminating with a release of tension and often an audible vertebral release or adjustment
  • The deeper awareness that the body and mind are "ONE"
  • The body has an inner knowing and the ability to self-correct
  • Spontaneous breathing patterns assist in improving the craniosacral respiratory mechanism and releasing stressful situations, assisting in adjustments.
  • The need to make changes in one's life that better support your healing
  • The full participation in one's physiology as compared to one's thoughts alone
  • To be in a more open and receptive state that introduces healing and wellness to those present.
  • Begin to take more responsibility for various areas of life
  • Ability to bounce back from physical, emotional, and mental traumas

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