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Level Two 

Why Levels?

Levels of Care promote safety and gentle, permanent healing.  Our goal is to re-train your body to use and release tension as it arises.  The Levels of Care take a gentle progression starting with creating an awareness of the body and leading to opening the heart.

Level 2 Care: Leveraging Tension

"When our story dictates the way we live our lives today, we are living in the past"

In Level 1 we re-train the body to release current stress and create a feeling of safety.  We can now handle stress as it arises, but many of us are still influenced by the physical and emotional stresses of the past.

Level 2 takes healing to a deeper level, focusing on unwinding the stress and holding patterns we have developed over a lifetime.  In Level 2 Dr. Sato uses special techniques to help release these holding patterns and bring them into the space of safety that was established in Level 1.  Here they can be fully released through breathing and movement.

In Level 2 the practice member becomes an active member of the healing, as stressors are uncovered the practice member determines weather to leverage the tension that stressor brings up and release it or to let the stressor remain in the system until a better time for release.

Through the course of Level 2 care you should notice a deeper sense of safety and comfort in living in the present as you release your past patterns and choose new ones.

In Level 2 Care you may experience:

  • A building of tension as stressors are released
  • Spontaneous movements during and after adjustments that aid in the reduction of spinal tension
  • The relationships between environmental stress and spinal tension that is felt
  • The relationship of spinal posture to adaptation to life challenges
  • The deeper awareness and connection between stress and symptoms
  • A greater awareness of how the body/mind and parts are all intimately connected
  • An awakening of areas that have been asleep
  • Deep releases of emotional and physical blockages
  • Changes in habits such as exercise, sleep, diet, and relationships

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