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Network Care 

Network Care: What is it?

Network Care is a holistic approach to wellness that provides immediate relief to stress and dis-ease and re-trains your body to develop new strategies for living and healing.  It is not a technique or system designed to get rid of symptoms per se, but to give one a greater awareness of how one's experience - mental and emotional, impacts their physical body and vice versa.  The holistic view of Chiropractic is to work on the whole body versus dividing it up into different parts and treating symptoms.  Symptoms varying from low back pain, headaches, digestive problems, allergies and even as severe as cancer are signs of the body that the person is in a state of DIS-EASE.  The alchemical moment of healing occurs when one understands that the body is literally creating the corresponding symptom or problem that a person is unwilling to take ownership of in their life.  The body will create a condition to get one's attention to make a change in the way they live their life and to take ownership of how their perceptions create their reality.

When we are young, we self-correct innately and intuitively.  We move and wiggle to release tension as well as express our emotions more freely when we are angry, happy, or content.  This helps to keep us keeps us flexible and healthy.  As we grow older and face increasing stress levels, we become less flexible, less adaptable, and less able to release tension.  We lose the skill of self-correction and tension lodges in the body and spine.

The goal of Network Spinal analysis care is to re-establish the natural energetic flow of your nervous system and restore the body's innate self-regulating and self-healing mechanisms.  When our bodies re-learn their self-healing skills we gain lifetime benefits in physical, emotional, and spiritual health and quality of life. 

How Does Network Care Work?

We perceive our world through the nervous system; the brain, spinal chord and associated tissues housed within the spinal canal.  It plays a key role in every thought, feeling, movement and memory.  We experience stress - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through the nervous system. 

In Network Spinal Analysis Dr. Sato allows your body to guide him to the areas in need of tension release and uses gentle, focused touches along the spine to release tension.  He helps to re-train the practice member's body to release complex patterns of tension and areas of distortion at first.   Then as a practice member gains a greater trust and understanding of their body and how old patterns of conditioning impact their perception and how they store tension in their bodies, they are then able to use stress and tension more constructively to restructure their form and use it ass a source of energy for transformation.  Over time deeper tensions within the body unwind and the practice member feels a greater sense of wellbeing on all levels. 

How Does Network Spinal Analysis Differ From Traditional Chiropractic?

Chiropractic (derived from the Greek word Chiropraktios, meaning "effective treatment by hand") is founded on the concept that the cause of many diseases stem from the body's inability to adapt to its environment.  Chiropractic seeks to address dis-ease by locating areas of distortion in the spinal column and easing the tension through manual adjustment.  This adjustment causes the body to operate more efficiently and comfortably.

Network Spinal Analysis is an evolution of Chiropractic care.  In chiropractic care the Chiropractor may manually re-adjust the spine to release tension and promote healing.  In Network Care we believe that the body has amazing powers of self-healing, and we work to gently and effectively align with the body and the breath to assist the body in re-adjusting itself to release tension and promote healing.  We do not manipulate the spine, but teach a practice member to become aware of the tension one stores in their spine and body, which they can use at the appropriate time to restore balance and proper alignment.  Once a person becomes consciously aware of how their thoughts and emotions affect the tension or symptom that shows up in their body, they now have the unique opportunity to deal with that tension or symptom.  It is about teaching a person to take greater responsibility of not only their health, but the way they live and perceive their life.  We find that this technique is gentler and has more immediate and lasting effects than traditional chiropractic care.

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