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"Thank you!! Thank you!!"
"Thank you!! Thank you!! For giving us back our mom.  She has been on less medication thanks to you - her blood pressure is lower, her sugar level is down and she looks better.  Even her attitude has changed from I can't - to I CAN DO IT!!!" - Kathy Sagum, owner - Trans Parts Express
"An impossible dream is coming true!"
"In April 1996 I was diagnosed with chronic restrictive lung disease.  24 hours a day I was on oxygen.  In 1997 I was advised to get my affairs in order.  In May of 2000 I made an appointment with Chad.  After a few adjustments, I felt great and noticed that I did not require continuing use of oxygen.  Yesterday I was completely off oxygen and will be for the rest of my life.  An impossible dream is coming true!"  - Charlotte Cathcart, Quilter
"My neck and shoulders are being restructured.

"Level 2 results are quite amazing.  My neck and shoulder areas are being restructured.  I can self-adjust the spine in areas that were totally stiff.  My breathing is more expanded.  I have faster reflexes and more intuition. 

I think my brain is being released from patterns of stress freeing it to do other things.  This is the most powerful, unexpected benefit from the chiropractic techniques.  Actually, NSA is definitely NOT the standard chiropractic work.  It is one of the most effective means of working directly with the mind.  It definitely works well with meditation." - Henry Ajitomi - Engineer

"Not only healed my lower back pain, but also noticed it helped me improve my diet and lose weight!"

I started my care in October 2003.  Little did I know what dramatic changes would occur in my life because of Dr. Sato and Network Care!  My initial challenge was lower back pain.  After a few sessions my back felt much better and I started noticing the other benefits of Network Care.  Over the year I have noticed that my breathing has gotten deeper and I have been able to release tension more easily.  I lost my intense craving for chocolates, decreased my coffee and in general started eating healthier foods.  I have lost 10 lbs. without really trying.

Beyond the physical benefits, I have been able to release emotional tension and stress in the safe environment provided by Dr. Sato.  I feel a greater awareness - empowered to face my most difficult challenges which I have avoided and feared for years.  I have been able to accept my weaknesses and shortcomings and feel strong and confident to make intentional changes in my life.  I am more receptive to my inner voice and have a heightened sense of spirituality and wholeness.

Beverly Hashimoto - teacher

"Benefits Besides Clearing Out Pinched Nerve"

In 2006 I had a pinched nerve in the lower area in the right side of my neck.  I had not experienced any kind of trauma to cause it, I thought I just slept wrong.  It progressed to where I couldn’t lift my right arm, my grip was so weak I couldn’t hold a pen in my right hand, my elbow hurt, and I was in so much pain.  I was put on 5 different medications to reduce the inflammation and lessen pain.  I went through physical therapy to strengthen my neck muscles.  After many months I went back to “normal”.  Fast forward to 2012, I started to have pain at the top of my neck right below the base of my skull.  Again, I thought I’d just slept wrong.  At times I had intermittent pain radiating down to the left of my neck.  I started to use over the counter medication everyday.  I suffered for 6 months thinking that it’ll eventually go away.  I didn’t want to go through what I did in 2006 to get better, I wanted to try something else.  In early 2013 I found Dr. Chad Sato via a recommendation.

   When I first visited Dr. Chad I wondered, “How much could he help me?”  It ended up...a lot!  He made me aware of the tension my body was holding, taught me to relax my shoulders, then relax my body, to be in the moment, and appreciate what I can do for myself.  All seem like common sense but somewhere in my life path, had put those kinds of thoughts aside.  In the beginning, when I first started to feel improvement in my neck, I'd thank him after the sessions and he'd reply, "Don't thank me, thank your body." or "Don't thank me, thank yourself."  I didn't understand it.  But slowly, over time, he taught me that I really could help myself get better.  In fact, even after the pain in my neck disappeared, I continued going to him because I started to feel other improvements in myself.  I started to sleep through the night when I had a lifetime habit of waking up every 2 hours or so.  I started to fall asleep easier and I slept better.  My body alignment improved.  My hip and shoulders were less torqued to the right, my head became more centered to my body and straightened more above my neck.  My body still carried tension but I learned to recognize it and practiced to relax, with the goal to extend relaxing my muscles while in the active state.  I learned pain in the body is connected with something so I became more aware of my thoughts and actions.  My mind started to connect with my body so that they communicated with each other on a different level from before.  Finally, in the process of putting myself in a relaxed state, my mind became aware of more things.  I would have the sensation of focusing inward then of expanding outward.  Although I would be conscience while relaxing, I would have the feeling of “waking up” when I was ready to get up.  When I "woke up" from relaxing, the world was crisper, clearer, brighter, and sharper.  This heightened perception would last between a half hour to 2 hours.  Then the world would become ordinary again.  This new perception was short, but it was a great feeling.  I found a "happy place" in my mind.

   I’d gone to Dr. Chad originally for my neck problem.  In the beginning he asked about and recorded, my health history, habits, and, at the time I thought, other random things.  He checked my current body condition and I started my sessions with him.  He never spoke about, or promised, doing other things to improve my overall wellbeing.  As far as I was concerned, I was there to “fix my neck.”  But when I started to experience improvement in other aspects of my physical, mental, and emotional states, I continued under his guidance even after my neck problem came under my control.  When all these other changes started to happen, I realized how important it is to have my mind and body be in harmony with each other, and one does not dominate over the other.  His response?  He smiled and said, “Don’t thank me, thank yourself.”

   In early 2014 I decided to explore another avenue for my self-improvement.  Dr. Chad was very encouraging and I said my goodbyes and well wishes as I headed off to experience Aikido, thinking I’d see him in a couple of months.  Time went by so quickly.  It's now the beginning of 2015 and all the improvements I had when I left him, I still have.  With Aikido, I have continued to improve in my physical and mental wellbeing.  I have better balance.  I'm more aware of tension in the small things I do in life and remind myself to relax.  My mind-body connection is improving so my body movement is smoother and easier.  And most amazing of all, my inner energy is growing and changing.  Although these changes are so huge for me, I also know I'm still in the baby stages of my journey.  I feel relaxed and happy.  I will continue on this path.

   At any rate, I have much to thank Dr. Chad (I don’t care what he says) for helping me start my journey of taking care of, and improving myself.  Now I have much to thank my Aikido Sensei and his other teachers for helping me continue my self-improvement.  I'm so fortunate to have met these people who dedicate themselves to guiding other people along their life paths.

Truly happy and grateful,

Karen Pitz

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